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6 Bottle Beer Holder Party Beer Basket Rack Wine Caddy Stand

Classical simple but elegant beer rack, which can hold 6 beer bottles at the same time, is a practic..


Black iron rooster (big size) Metal sculptrue Iron sculpture Abstract sculpture Crafting Home furnishing articles Decoration Art

Description:This is a valiant and spirited handmade rooster sculpture. The beautiful and environment..


Carved iron art elephant Metal sculpture Home Decoration

Description: This is a metal sculpture of an elephant, all handmade by the old craftsman with a..


Carved Iron Rooster Metal Sculpture Home Decor Animal Craft Iron Art Gift

Description:Rooster, as one of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals, is the symbol of punctuality and hones..


Cat Clock Handmade Vintage Metal Iron Cat Figurine Mute Table Clock Practical Clock One AA Battery

This is an exquisite handmade cat clock. The cat put up its right hand and had a thoughtful look on ..


Cat shaped wine holder Wine shelf Metal sculpture

Description:It is not only a common wine holder, it can be used for home decoration. The designer ma..


Chinese Horse Bronze Sculpture Elegant Modeling Chinese Characteristics Animal Horse Chinese Horse Bronze Sculpture Elegant Modeling Chinese Characteristics Animal Horse

Chinese Horse Bronze Sculpture Elegant Modeling Chinese Characteristics Animal Horse

Description:This is a pure copper decorative horse sculpture with Chinese aesthetic characteristics...

$141.73 $208.42

Dachshund Wine Cork Container Iron Craft Animal Ornament Gift, Brown, 13.8 * 4.7 * 5.9inches

Dog is a great partner to human who has always been sharing weal and woe. It knows human nature well..


Dance-- On Tiptoe ?? 3D Printed Sculpture Home Decoration Dancing Posture

Description:This is a 3D modeling sculpture originally designed by  designer. Inspiration co..


Deformed Saxophone 3D Printed Sculpture Home Decoration Exaggerative Model

Description: This is a parametric sculpture 3D modeled by the artist.Inspiration comes from t..


Diver Fiberglass Sculpture Home Decoration

Description:This is a fiberglass sculpture both of strong muscular beauty and dynamic diving posture..


Double dance 2 Modern Dance Bronze Sculpture Metal Sculpture Home Decor Art Gift

This is a modern dance bronze sculpture, which completed by two dancers. With tacit unders..


Exaggerative Horse Bronze Sculpture Abstract Design Decorations Modern Art Animal Sculpture Horse

This is an original designed abstract horse copper sculpture.By generalizing and abstracting the hor..


four seasons Stainless Steel Ornament Modern Sculpture Abstract Sculpture Ornament

This is an abstract and innovative stainless steel ornament, an outstanding artwork. ..


Giraffe Bronze Sculpture Lifelike Appearance Decorations Animal Sculpture Giraffe

Description:This giraffe stands upright with four limbs, neck twisting back into "O" shape..


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