Nautilus 3D Printed Sculpture Home Decoration

Nautilus 3D Printed Sculpture Home Decoration

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This is a 3D modeling original sculpture designed by the   artist. This piece is transformed from a nautilus shape. Sculpture stripes radiate out from its golden point, smooth and delicate, such as a half disc and shows beautiful curves. The irregular holes also bring the sculpture a unique feeling.
Visually stunning style.
Transformed from nautilus shape, surrealism design.
3D printed, the perfect combination of technology and art.
Suitable for interior decoration: Living room, study room, bedroom, etc.
Material: Photosensitive resin
Color: White
Product size: 19 * 11.5 * 30.5cm / 7.5 * 4.5 * 12in (L * W * H)
Package size: 23 * 14.5 * 35.5cm / 9.1 * 5.7 * 14.0in (L * W * H)
Product weight: 943g / 33.26oz
Package weight: 1300g / 45.86oz
Package list:
1* 3D Printed Sculpture

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